ABOUT ME, and this blog

Hi,im hayley, welcome to my page 🙂 im 33 married to stephen, and we have 5 kids jayden 12 ashleigh 11 regan 10 morgan 7 and heidi whos almost 5, we have 2 frenchies ernie and jeff too.

This blog is to share our family life and experiences.

We no a lot about asd,adhd,pda sensory processing disorder speech and language disorders. as 3 out of our 5 have diagnosis off the above.

unfortunately we also no a lot about childhood brain tumors and cancer, chemotherapy, shunts, long hospital stays and the turmoil it has on a family as one of sons morgan had a brain tumor but is now in remission. although left with long lasting difficulties.

Big foodies so will be posting recipes.

Love holidays when we can, or even board game nights, days in the garden in the pool, or walks anything as long as we can all spend time together and make memories!

any questions feel free to message me. im a open book and if i can help you on anything i will. x x x