mount cook/parenting with additional needs.

archery and bush craft.

I was kindly offered a afternoon of archery and bush craft with my three boys. Thanks to parenting with additional needs (pan). They are a voluntary organization with charitable aims run by and for parents with children with additional needs. They started of with 3 members and now have many and many groups across north derbyshire.

I’v been a member of pan for around 8 years off and on. they have been amazing for me, throughout my struggles with my kids diagnosis’s, they have pointed me in the right direction of points off contact when needed, and been a non judging ear to listen to me when needed. pan meet up once a month. They also do free workshops, challenging behaviors, pda,adhd etc. They do meet ups and events throughout the year which the whole family can come along too.

This was out first time to mount cook even though its on our doorstep. I could only take the three boys as it was only for children with a disability as was funded by pan and Heidi was too young. You needed to be 6 years old. So she spend the day with daddy and went to the park and had treats.

The boys did archery, Regan enjoyed this the most. while morgan didn’t like it as he struggled, he still has bit off weakness in his hands so couldn’t keep still or pull back his bow enough. And there was a lot for him to remember to do. But he tried his best. I also gave it a try and surprised myself when i hit the target all three times and one bullseye.

Jayden and Morgan best was bush craft. They made bracelets out of nettles, learnt how to make a fire and set cotton wool and a type of mushroom a light. It was nice to get the boys outside in the fresh air, rather then wanting to sit on their games consoles all day.

Jayden also made a friend there, which was nice to see, they worked so well together. The whole time there was just so relaxed and everyone was so friendly. I wish we booked on for more sessions as pan was offering 10 spaces every week for i think 4 weeks. But i only thought you could book the one session. There was also offering high ropes and low ropes.

Mount cook also have loads of other activities, from zip lining to canoeing. Its mainly schools that go but they do have events on throughout the year when you can go as groups or families and stay in a room or a glamping pod. We will definitely be looking out for future events!

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