Gullivers kingdom/Heidi 5th birthday

Today my baby girl turned 5! people often think she is older cos shes very tall for her age. As we couldn’t have a birthday party for her this year, we decided to all go to Gulliver kingdom, along with my mum.

We have been quite a few times before when the older kids was younger. but this was Heidi’s first time.

we booked tickets a couple days before and glad we did as i think its quite pricey really. We paid £15 each for adults and kids. but if you paid on the gate it would have been £21.

We got there for 10.30 and did all the rides there and some a few times over. The log flume was the winner for Jayden, Ashleigh and Morgan they kept going back on over and over. Heidi enjoyed the ride where it goes straight up high and then just drops down. And the pirate ship. so basically anything that sends your belly over!

There was a new ride there. the zip line, only Ashleigh and Morgan went on this. They was so brave, as i think taking that leap must of been scary. I have got a video of Morgan doing this which i will attach at the bottom of this post.

There didn’t seem to be as many rides as i remember, but then again its never been a overly huge theme park. The rides are aimed at kids toddler to age 10/12 id say.

There’s also a dinosaur themed part, which Jayden loved as hes huge Dino fan. Although waiting in line for a couple of the rides was annoying. All you could hear was the screeching of the dinosaurs and it got annoying.

Queuing for the rides, on the rides and coming off you are required to wear face mask. Including the kids, unless you have a letter claiming why you are exempt. Although we forgot out letter for Heidi, no one asked us to prove it. I thought Jayden and Regan would be unhappy with wearing the mask, but they surprised me and it didn’t actually bother them too much.

we ate out there too and all had chips and burgers, they even had a bean burger for me which i was happy about. The staff wasn’t happy that we paid cash and they wasn’t going to let us order at first. They said it was card only, until i told them when i booked the tickets and upon entering the park we was not told this! so they begrudgingly accepted cash.

The park closed at 5 and we walked to the train station which is 5 min walk away. We got ice cream for the kids on the way home. We all had a lovely day. Id defo take the kids back again, but id make sure i booked online in advance and take card not cash.

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  1. Natasha Mairs - Serenity You says:

    Love Heidi’s cake!! My kids can’t wait to go to Gulliver’s Kingdom this weekend!!

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