unorganized and half a job decorating the kids bedrooms.

Does anyone else start a job then before its finished go on and start another? or is that just me. Iv always been so unorganized and get bored extremely quick. If something is not done and finished there and then i lose interest.

Early this year we had a extension on the house to give the kids there much needed own space. Has we have a busy household, and the kids all have there own additional needs.

We had two box rooms put on to the side of the house. Jayden picked his own color, he asked for blue walls and space for his xbox and all his other bits. Jayden loves collecting things and has loads of bits and bobs, i almost finished Jayden room but still need to hang shelving!

Morgan has the room next to Jayden and he asked for greens and camo style room. I had some really good ideas for his room, but months later its still not finished. Stephen painted it three colors on his wall,which i think looks great! he has army bed-covers, but like Jayden i need to put shelves up and his army curtains. He also wants some army netting to go above his bed!

Heidi and Ashleighs room, was done most recent. i love the wallpaper! and the chairs! its a nice space and they each have there own window. like the boys rooms i didn’t finish it either. I plan to get shelves and put them into there built in wardrobes, so they can have there clothes and their tele and xbox in there.

I’m terrible for going from one task to another!

Im aiming to get all these little jobs done by the next week or so. I also did Regans room but his was done first! and surprisingly was finished!

Rick and morty duvet cover -ebay £21

single divan bed and mattress was a bargain from ebay for £140 the mattress are nice and firm and not to bad for the price!

white blind was from boyles for £12.99

l shaped desk £50 from ebay

chest of draws £50 from amazon

Army bedding was £12.99 from ebay

corner desk was £43 from ebay

chest of draws was £44 from amazon

bed was from ikea £130

desk ikea £70

night light £22 ikea

bed canopy amazon £25

desk chairs. sklum £25 each

wallpaper wikinsons £11 a roll

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  1. I am the same we are wanting to start decorating my daughters bedroom, my husband stopped me starting until we can do it all in one go

  2. Yep! I’ll hold my hand up to this too, although mainly when it comes to housework!

    Although I decorated my old house and then 2 years later decided to swap the bedrooms over! I then never got round to sorting matching curtains so my son had pink ones while I had planets on mine!

    The rooms look great x

  3. Sarah Bailey says:

    There is nothing like a bit of a room make up and what a great outcome for your kids bedrooms! It sounds like you got some great bargains as well.

  4. My sister just sent me photos of her daughter’s room that had just been repainted and decorated. They have set up a study station for her, complete with a bookshelf, an ergonomic swivel chair, and a desk with drawers. It is in preparation for full online classes this coming school year. My own kids are grown, so it is up to them to decorate their own bedrooms.

  5. We are working on our room at the moment. I love some of the great items you can get from Ikea. I am looking forward to going back and getting some new items.

  6. whatthedadsaid says:

    This a great selection at a good price, i have always liked the Ikea bed that you got aswell, excellent choice, great post.

  7. Natasha Mairs - Serenity You says:

    yes! I decorated my kitchen around 2 years ago now. But still haven’t had new flooring fitted or painted the cupboards! Love the girls bed x


    WE normally decorate before we move in otherwise to make sure it all gets done. Hope it’s all finished soon. Have fun!!!

  9. I do that as well but with reading books. That being said both the rooms are looking fabulous and you have picked some fantastic items for both the rooms

  10. Emma says:

    The rooms look great! I always find decorating quite a daunting task, and I’m not very good at it! You’ve done a fab job though!

  11. Rebecca Smith says:

    That is so me! I get easily distracted and then have two jobs to do instead of one! I love the looks of the rooms, you have done a fantastic job!

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