first signs/symptoms of Morgans brain tumor and the dreaded day we found out.

Morgan was 25 months old when he was dignosed with a brain tumor.

Although we dont quite no when it came, or if it was always there from birth. He was a healthy baby of 8lb.7oz when he was a few months old he developed really extreme excma. it was so bad most of his body was covered in a itchy dry rash even on his face and head.he was also being sick a couple times a week, he got refereed to demonology when he was around one, after all the creams the doctor had given didnt seem to help much. so after seeing demotology and given some stronger creams and wraps for him.

As the weeks went by morgan became more and more sick,mainly on waking in the morning and after eating. I took him to the doctors a few times over the next few weeks and was told it was a bug, but they said they would refer him for allergy test.

I remember having to get all the kids ready for school in the morning and having to drop morgan off at my mums in the morning as he was always vomiting. It just wasn’t normal.

The allergy test come back fine. but morgan was being sick everyday now. So now the doctors think it could be some kind of sleep problem and hes not getting enough oxygen at night. so he was given a sleep monitor on for the weekend. We had no idea why they thought it was due to sleep as he always slept fine, well besides sometimes waking between 3 and 6 and vomiting.

The results came back fine, Just like we thought, by now we was all getting really concerned and frustrated of why morgan was now being sick between 7 and 20 times a day.

In the may off 2015 he started to not want to eat and store food in his mouth for upto 2 hours until it turned to liquid and he swallowed or spat out or threw up. yet again i took him to the doctors, where i felt they was sick of me. and they thought it was all behavioral. i was adamant it wasn’t. and i was Advised to ignore him when he stores the food. the doctor said he would make a appointment for a mri.

In the july was when i questioned to myself if he had a brain tumor, my husband told me to not be silly and there would be another explanation for it. But i noticed how ill he looked, maybe from all the vomiting and losing weight.

But then i noticed him laying his head on the sofa a lot, or playing with a slight head tilt. being a little bit more clumsy but then again he was 2.

My daughter was born on the 30th july 2015 and morgan had is mri 10 days later. Morgan woke from the anesthetic screaming the place down, the nurses took us in to a side room, which i thought was strange as all the other children was being put on the ward, then a doctor comes in and tells us the dreaded news, weve found a mass on Morgans brain stem. I was numb and couldn’t really take in what i was told, I dont think it ever really sunk in,even when i talk about this day i get so emotional.

morgan i think this picture was took in may/june 2015, he lost loads of weight from vomiting

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